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If you’re looking for experts on all things leather , look no further than Love My Leather. We are experts in leather care and leather repairs kit services and products. If you want high-end leather care without paying high prices, you want Love My Leather. Take a look around and see what we can do for you.

At Love My Leather, we know your leather is precious and important to you. You expect your leather to last a lifetime. That’s why we offer you only the best in our line of leather care and leather repair products. When you buy from Love My Leather, you’ll get leather care products that are gentle on your leather as well as on the environment, and give long lasting results to keep all the leather in your home looking as good as new.

You don’t have to pay a fortune to keep your leather in showroom condition. At Love My Leather, we bring you the very same products used by leather experts all across the UK. Love My Leather makes it easy to do your own leather care and leather repair at home. Save your money and your leather when your order products from Love My Leather.

Whether you’re looking for a range of products to repair damage to the leather in your car or tools to keep your leather furniture looking as good as the day you bought it, you’ll find it at Love My Leather. Our selection of automotive products and furniture products includes all you need to keep your leather looking shiny and new. From leather dyes and touch up kits to stain removers and cleaning cloths, we’ve got what your leather needs.

Do you have a leather repair job that is more than you can handle? Love My Leather can take care of it for you. We employ a network of fully trained leather experts to carry out high-end leather repairs on all your leather products. We offer both commercial and domestic leather repair services to provide leather care and leather repair for car leather, sofas, chairs, clothing, luggage, handbags and more.

For the very best in leather care and leather repair, trust the experts at Love My Leather. We know what your leather needs. Whether you choose from our line of products designed to let you restore your leather simply at home, or use our expert leather repair service, you won’t be disappointed. Trust Love My Leather for all your leather care needs.

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Leather Repair Products

We offer high quality products which allow you to carry out long lasting, cost effective repairs on your leather goods in the comfort of your own home. From scratches to scuffs, rips to holes, tears to colour loss - Love my Leather has a quick and easy solution for them all.
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Cleaners & Conditioners

Our leather cleaners and conditioners allow you to clean your beloved leather products to their former glory without the cost of professional cleaning and restoration. We have a wide range of products to lift surface and ingrained dirt then nourish, moisturise and protect your leather.
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Dyes & Restoration

Are your leather belongings looking worse for wear? We have a range of easy to use products that can rejuvenate ageing leather furniture, jackets, accessories and car seats. Whether you want to restore colour back or repair minor damage, just check out what we have on offer for you today.
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Ink & Stain Removers

We have a wide range of specialist products for removing ink and stains from all kinds of leather items including clothes, accessories and furniture. You can use these reliable and affordable products to clean up spillages and stains with only minimal effort, without causing any further damage to the leather.

Commercial - Leather Repair

Our network of independent leather repair technicians offers the complete package weather you are a multiple retailer, furniture manufacture or a independent retailer our technicians can rectify faults to all types of furniture.


Residential - leather repair

If you have a furniture problem we can help. We offer nationwide furniture repair services including leather repairs, bed repairs, cabinet repairs and many more. Contact us today for a free quote.



Love My Leather are specialists in leather cleaning and renovation products, everything from Leather Cleaners, Leather Dyes, Leather Glues.

Love My Leather provides the same products that leather technicians throughout the Uk use to complete there day to days repairs.

All our leather dyes and leather colourants are water based and environmentally safe to use in homes, our products have long lasting covering and will restore the leather back to the original finish.

Leather Faq's

Love My Leathers Leather Repair Kit will contain everything you need to make a professional leather repair.

Love My Leather Leather Colourant Kit, this is a ideal kit to help you change the colour of your leather, please advise the size of the area you are looking to cover and we will confirm the size of the kit required.

Love my Leather have great Leather Mould Cleaner which will restore your leather back to new.

Our Mini Leather Repair Kit will be idea to cover up those niggling scratches and scuffs

If you are concerned about missing the colour for you leather we have a sample match service where you can send us a sample of your leather and we will match this for you.

We’re always here to help so call us on 0800 3582550